1.what even is pilates?


The word Pilates is actually someone’s surname!!

Joseph Pilates created a workout that is based around Breath, whole-body health and whole body commitment then stuck his name onto it -GO HIM!!!!

Pilates for me is all about trying to figure out my body and striving to lay down movement patterns that serve me!




The type of breathing that I encourage during our classes is called Diaphragmatic breathing. Think of it more as ‘breathing deeply into your belly, rather than shallowly into your chest.’ 

The Diaphragm and the Pelvic Floor are two of the main groups of muscles that we focus on when doing this type of breathing. 

3.pelvic placement


Throughout the classes you often hear me harp on about your pelvic placement (Probably making you all hungry saying ‘Blueberry’ all the time)!! But anyway I just find this cue helps (Hopefully)!!)

The two pelvic placements that I cue are Neutral and Imprint.

4.ribcage pleacement


A fabulous structure that hugs your lungs; all the way from the front of your chest to the back of your spine. What’s the easiest way to start moving your ribcage??……breathing of course! By taking a big inhale into the back and side of your rib you’re allowing your rib cage to expand all the way out and when exhaling it drops and knits right back in. you see, it’s all interlinked!

5.scapular awareness

The Scapula are bony structures commonly known as the shoulder blades. They rest on the back of your ribcage and connect to the shoulder joint. Their connection at the shoulder joint are their ONLY bony attachment, therefore the rest of their attachments to the spine and ribcage are actually all muscular attachments………This means they really are a pretty mobile structure. 

Sooo, doesn’t it make sense that we help to provide control, stability and mobility of the scapula, by becoming more aware of these muscles and help to make them stronger?