What Even is Pilates?

The word Pilates is actually someone’s surname!!

Joseph Pilates created a workout that is based around Breath, whole-body health and whole body commitment then stuck his name onto it -GO HIM!!!! 👑

Pilates for me is all about trying to figure out my body and striving to lay down movement patterns that serve me!

It is a whole body experience incorporating Breath, flexibility, strength, control and body awareness.

All of which contributes to your overall ‘Mobility’!!

🟧MIND-BODY connection🟧

(literally tuning into how you are feeling and how you are moving!!)

It involves a series of small, isolated movements that together form the basis to efficiently move every muscle and joint in the body!

It can provide YOU with the space for YOU to figure out your own body, the way YOU move and begin to understand how your whole body works together!

If you know what it is that you want to gain from Pilates then it really is a space where you can explore and improve on it.

We be made to move, Throw Shapes!

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