‘Pilates for me is all about trying to figure out my body and striving to lay down movement patterns that serve me.’
At MH Pilates we believe that we all have a lot more power over our own health and wellbeing then we realise, we just need to give ourselves the space and time to take control of it.


Marie, founder of MH Pilates is a Pilates instructor and Podiatrist from Ballina Co. Mayo. Marie Currently lives in Oranmore Co. Galway. Here she delivers in person classes and Online Pilates classes.

Her Journey into Podiatry and Pilates stemmed from recurring foot injuries and personal frustrations of being unaware of her body and how it moves.

She qualified with a degree in Podiatry from The National University of Ireland in 2016, and since then she has helped people overcome lowerlimb pathologies and foot pain, and helps people to get back doing the activities that they love.
She realised that you really can’t separate the foot from the rest of the body, it’s all connected, hence her journey into Pilates and whole body movement approach.

Maries classes provide a space for you to tune into your own body and explore the way you move. They help you to discover where you are in terms of flexibility, strength and endurance, and help you to progress these elements over time.
Marie’s classes are infused with nuggets of information on all things movement to help you to engage with your body and how you move, which is the essence of MH Pilates- helping you to understand and take control of your body.